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Every day I will record the workout I will be doing in a circuit format, using minimal equipment and minimizing rest time. In terms of ongoing diet, I will be creating a separate page for healthy meals for specific plans. Many of these workouts will target multiple muscle groups, and vary in length and total rep count.

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Workout of the Day July 17th


2 Minutes of active stretching  – Just loosen up and stretch out tense muscles

10 Minutes on Stair Master  – Just to raise core temperature and getting blood flow going. Adjust speed to maximize tempo around the 5 minute mark and continue for 3 minutes. After this period slow down and let your body adjust.

Timed Sets

6 Minutes pushups – strict form, with no cheating. Record # of reps.

100 Reps of Incline Bench Press with Dumbbells. Work up from 40 pounds and move to 60. 60 Reps must be done with 60 pounds. Record time it takes to get reps.

50 dips in as few sets as possible. Record #of sets.

90 chest flies – 3 sets of 30 (drop setting) IE 150 pounds – 125 Pounds 100 Pounds all in a row.

10 minutes of planks and leg raises. 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off.

5 minutes on stair master for cool down and core stretching.

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