Using your body weight is an excellent identifier of strength and relative gains in proportion to your body. For many people in the bulk-cut cycle, there are dangers of losing weight but also eliminating strength. That being said there is the unfortunate trade-off with gaining weight but not gaining proportional strength. I have been using […]

First off I want to start my review under the caveat that I love this book. I will not be impartial, it’s just fantastic. Not only am I a huge fan of Entourage, which this historic character is based off of, I happen to have Jeremy Piven’s voice burned into my subconscious. This adds to […] […]

The kettle bell is the most versatile piece of fitness equipment you can own. Every exercise burns calories and builds muscle as well as supporting muscles to stabilize the body in a functional way. Many personal trainers recommend working kettle bells into your regimen for the versatility, and cardiovascular workout that even a light kettle bell can […]

Every day I will record the workout I will be doing in a circuit format, using minimal equipment and minimizing rest time. In terms of ongoing diet, I will be creating a separate page for healthy meals for specific plans. Many of these workouts will target multiple muscle groups, and vary in length and total […]

Workout 1 Box Jump Do 4 sets of 5 jumps on a 20-inch box or higher. Trap Bar Deadlift Do 4 heavy sets of 5 reps (sub in a traditional deadlift if you don’t have a trap bar handy). Body Saw Get into plank on your forearms on a wooden surface and place two gliding […]

The majority of the time the back gets heavy sets with few reps. This week I’m trying to confuse the muscles and increase the rep count significantly. Variation in the volume and the intensity is a solid tried and true method to gains during a plateau period. Minimal rest time is ideal, as this workout has a […]