The Winnipeg Jets Will Make the Playoffs This Year

What do almost all of the Thrasher and Jets rosters have in common apart from never winning any games in April? Lousy goaltending and defense. Weird how the two go hand in hand. With Connor Hellebuyck unable to rise to the occasion as a starter last season, and the Jets finishing 27th in the league in goals allowed per game at a ghastly 3.11, the Jets’ goalie carousel has stopped on Steve Mason. The former Rookie of the Year had his moments in Philadelphia, but simply not enough of them. Unless he’s markedly better than he was last season, when he turned in a .908 save percentage behind a very young Flyers team, the Jets won’t have to worry about bursting that playoff win bubble next April.

Last season the Jets were 6th in scoring, but suffered heavily in goaltending. Paul Maurice was quoted today saying all the Jet’s need is average goaltending in order to succeed. They were 27th in goals against. The penalty kill was a woeful 26th. This could all change with the growth of Laine and Scheifele and the continued physical and skilled presence of Blake Wheeler and Dustin Byfuglien.

Here are some Vegas Odd’s in regards to the Jets currently.

Probability of winning the Cup*: 1.96%

Probability of making the playoffs*: 53.49%

Patrik Laine has established himself as one of the NHL’s premier goal scorers in his rookie season. He led the league in hat-tricks with three, and finished with 36 goals. Mark Scheifele also erupted to cement himself as one of the best centres in the league, finishing seventh in league-scoring with 82 points.

Before training camp even began, Blake Wheeler set the bar for the Winnipeg Jets. It’s playoffs or bust this season for the second-year captain.

“It’s got to be this year, it just has to be,” Wheeler said. ‘It’s been a lot of the same thing. We have enough talent, there’s no reason why we can’t push this to the next level this year’.

Nikolaj Ehlers and the Winnipeg Jets Reportedly Agree to 7-Year Contract Worth $42M. He is another strong addition to the squad that has historically benefited from the high flying up tempo offense.


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