Kevin Durant’s New Shoes Are Everything That is Wrong With Society

I was a huge fan of K.D and everything he did in OKC. I continue to be a fan of K.D because he is obviously one of the best players and scorers in the league. This isn’t a Lebron K.D debate, they are two different players that contribute and score differently.

But Lebron, or MJ didn’t act like this.

These shoes are a response to the internet, and the ability to criticize whomever you want, whenever you want. Granted by writing this I am somewhat fueling the fire, but I am not anti-K.D. He is doing the age old ‘sticks and stones’ argument and owning what people are calling him.

This had been K.D’s unsuccessful response to embracing the hate, which just comes across as much worse. He gives power to all the critics on Twitter by creating products, or monetizing his supposed atrocities to OKC, NBA and I suppose the sport of Basketball in general.

Last year, after Durant announced his decision to join the Warriors, Westbrook posted a single Instagram picture, a plate full of cupcakes, wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July. It was a jab directed at Durant. Kendrick Perkins used to refer to teammates as “cupcakes” when he perceived them as being soft, an inside joke that carried on between Westbrook, Durant and Perkins while they were teammates, with them routinely calling one another cupcake on social media.


We are seeing rampant criticism around the league as social media paints a negative portrait on any athlete that excels in the league. Isaiah Thomas’s jersey was burned – AFTER A TRADE HE DID NOT ASK FOR. He played a spectacular season in Boston, leading them to a first place finish and a conference final appearance. He also played a game a day after his sister died, and battled injuries. I.T owes the city of Boston and Celtics fan’s shit all for his genuine accomplishments after a rebuild.  This was just disrespectful.

Gordon Hayward was not immune either, and has been criticized for leaving Utah in favour of Boston. Subsequently had his jersey burned by a bunch of pilled up Mormons. That’s a real fact, Alcohol is banned by the Mormon church, but Xanax and other wacky stuff is not.

Jersey burning is stupid is seemingly the only way people can generate sympathy for the loss of a player.  These players owe the city nothing. They are drafted players, meaning they don’t exercise their right to choose their team, or their city.

K.D was drafted to Seattle, second overall in 2007. The team was moved to OKC where he genuinely made the franchise happen. He took them to the NBA finals and lost to Lebron’s super team. He took them to the conference finals, and lost to one of the best franchises in NBA history. And he became the franchises first MVP in the 2014 season.

But the shoes are petty, and Mean Girls esque, and he should probably date Taylor Swift.

Overlaid on the list on one insole, in big, bright yellow font, it says:

2017 champs

On the other insole, overlaid on the critical words, are Durant’s stats for each of the five games in the championship series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the words:


His response to all the hate is literally the opposite response K.D needed to relay. Operating as business as usual is the only way to move past this. Lebron has been hated on, called bald, and all he does is promote an image of professionalism.

All this does is show that Twitter comments and booing gets to K.D. And its obviously wearing on him.

He just won an NBA championship and he isn’t even that fired up. He beat Lebron and Kyrie, and went on an absolutely historic run in the playoffs averaging hall of fame numbers. But he somehow has done the worst thing imaginable.

He acknowledged the haters, and is almost stooping to their level. This is a result of our generation now. Everyone’s opinion matters, everyone has a voice and validity can be found in the form of a succinct but devastating tweet.

K.D needs to chill and enjoy the ring. He has given power, and validated everything people have said about his image. 3 years ago he was standing on a podium telling the world his mom was the real MVP, now he is releasing shoes talking shit.

C’mon Kevin.




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