Duchene Shouldn’t Report to Training Camp

Its time to stop the bleeding. After having his name thrown into trade rumors for the better part of two years, Matt Duchene should finally control his destiny. The Avalanche, continuing an unplanned rebuild phase in their franchise finished with 48 points last season. Much of this was contributed to a lackluster goaltending and an absence of proper defence. The current theory is that Duchene would be traded for a key defensive piece and future prospects.

As a long time Avalanche fan, we need to move Duchene now. He can’t produce in this offensive black hole. We need to move him while he isn’t simply a rental player (IE NOW while he still has time on his contract) as well as now when he is on a rebound season. If Sakic keeps dangling this trade over his head he will put up another goddamn garbage season. He was 155th in points in the league and has the potential to put up way more points than this. Patrick Maroon had one more point than Duchene.

Duchene wasn’t in attendance when Colorado Avalanche players began pre-training camp captain’s practices on Tuesday, according to the Denver Post, but this wasn’t a surprise. His presence is not mandatory at the camp. According to teammates and rumours he was attending a wedding.

Duchene is in limbo as of now. He can’t perform at the level he is capable of, due to the fact that he is going minus every other shift and can’t catch a lucky bounce in Colorado. His talents are being wasted, which ultimately will cost him millions of dollars down the line. He has two years left on his 6 million dollar deal, and frankly its hard to justify a raise with his current play.

In the midst of the trade rumors, Duchene is trying to get over his worst season since 2011-12, when he was limited to 58 games because of injuries and scored 28 points (14 goals, 14 assists).

Duchene had 41 points (18 goals, 23 assists) and was an NHL career-worst minus-34 in 77 games last season. He had one goal in 21 games from Feb. 21-April 2. He had 12 points in his final 36 games of the season.

41 points is abysmal from a former 70-point player in the prime of his career. At worst, he is a high 50+ point player at the NHL level.

Rookie camp begins on Friday and veterans aren’t mandated to report to camp until Sept. 14. Approximately 22 players were in attendance on Tuesday. Centre Nathan MacKinnon along with defenseman Nikita Zadorov also weren’t in attendance. Zadorov is currently an unsigned restricted free agent.

Literally google Matt Duchene right now. Do it. 9 different articles just popped on my feed like ‘The Islanders Should Trade for Duchene’, or ‘Duchene is the piece Montreal needs’. But its for every fucking team.

Strike while the iron is hot Sakic, get him out of Colorado, and bring in some fresh blood to grow with this rebuild.

Just in case you were wondering Duchene’s opinion, here is a quote from about a month earlier.

“When you’re in the weight room or you’re on the ice you visualize yourself in a rink or playing with certain players,” Duchene told NHL.com in Toronto on Wednesday. “I’ve almost felt blind this summer because I haven’t really been able to do that

“Whatever jersey I’ll be wearing come training camp I’ll be wearing, and I’ll be the best I can be for that team.”










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