Full Body Weight Circuit

Using your body weight is an excellent identifier of strength and relative gains in proportion to your body. For many people in the bulk-cut cycle, there are dangers of losing weight but also eliminating strength. That being said there is the unfortunate trade-off with gaining weight but not gaining proportional strength.

I have been using this workout, once every ten days in both the bulk and cut phase to promote cardio vascular health, and have a benchmark workout to measure my weight to strength balance. The workout also works as a substitute for cardio, or core specific periods in the workout, at least for me.

All you need for this workout is a pull up bar and or a bench to get your workout in. This can be done in a hotel, at home or in a park. That being said depending on the environment you can vary the workout.

Lunges 15 Per Leg

Close Grip Push-Ups – 15

Plank 1 min

Pullup – strict form – max

Squats 25

Normal Push-Ups 20

Alternating Leg Raises – 1 Minute

Extra exercises to work in: Pike Press, Side Plank, Calf Raises, Bench Dips, Sit-Ups, Negatives for Pull Ups-or Push Ups.

Repeat this circuit 3 times. Depending on rest times and the duration of each set this workout can last you anywhere between 35-50 minutes. Additional exercises can be added or removed depending on soreness, and duration of each circuit. If legs are sore, add more core and upper body and vice versa.






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