NHL Free Agent Shane Doan Beat The Man Tracker

Shane Doan has something on his resume that no other Free Agent can claim. The former Arizona Coyotes captain beat the “Mantracker.”

Doan, 34 at the time, and his then 23-year-old brother Brook survived a manhunt on “Mantracker” television show.

On the episode that began Season 6 of the OLN show, the Doans had to elude “Mantracker” Terry Grant and local hunting guide Russ Floyd in B.C.’s southern Chilcotin Mountains.


Equipped with a compass and a map, the brothers had to get to the finish point some 37 kilometres away without being caught.

Using the mountainous terrain to their advantage of their pursuers on horseback, the Doans eventually did so. Although there were several close calls.

“It will be something I never ever forget,” said Shane. “For the rest of our lives, we’ll have that and that’s special.”




“It was my Stanley Cup,” added Brook, an electrician from Halkirk, Alta.

The pursuers almost caught the brothers in an ambush some 31 hours into the game but they escaped by racing into the bush.

A tiring Brook offered to let Shane go ahead near the end, but the NHL veteran refused and the two brothers just beat their pursuers to the finish.

Doan is currently waiting on a contract from an NHL team after being let go by the Arizona Coyotes. Somebody get this man a contract.


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