Jake Guentzel has 50 Goals in his first 96 Pro Hockey Games.

The 22 year old is having a season in the Pittsburgh Penguins system. Before being called up after 33 games in the minors, Jake Guentzel has lit up the NHL in every aspect.

Just judging by the stats below, we are witnessing a breakout season by an extremely talented winger. While Guentzel is noted for his playoff success, his entire season shows incredible promise in the Penguins system. Playing alongside Sidney Crosby has allowed Guentzel to flourish as both a stellar line-mate along with a talented NHL player. His continued success can be attributed to his ability to adapt to differing circumstances, as well as adopting the Playoff style of hockey. While he isn’t a physical anomaly, Guentzel is demonstrating a spectacular hockey IQ even at his young age. Well played Pittsburgh.

Season Games Goals Points PIMS Plus/Minus
AHL Season 2016-2017 33 21 42 12 +21
NHL Regular Season 2016-2017 40 16 33 10 +7
NHL Playoffs 2016-2017 23 13 20 10 0
Total 96 50 95 32 +28

The Omaha Nebraska native has been overshadowed by the Penguins playoff success, along with the superstar performances by fellow Penguins Crosby and Malkin. But he truly deserves his due as a rookie in the both pro hockey and in the NHL. As a third round 77th overall pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, Guentzel is proving to be worth his weight on the stacked Penguins roster.

jake and bake

In terms of Fantasy Outlook, Jake Guentzel is a skilled player that should not be overlooked in drafts next season. While not a physical player, Guentzel is clearly talented at putting the puck in the net.  If he continues to play with Crosby, he is a serious weapon in your fantasy lineup.

At this point Guentzel has surpassed the role of a ‘depth fantasy option’ and should be a staple in most leagues.

Current projections on various sites have him listed between 150th and even as a low 70’s option in fantasy hockey leagues.  Line-mate Conor Sheary and frequent Crosby co benefactor is also listed as a 70th option in fantasy hockey leagues.

Fantasy Hockey in 2018 will definitely have some new names come draft day.


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