David Pastrnak Should Earn 7 Million per year.

The Boston Bruins have significant budding talent on their team, and should treat the young star accordingly. The 21 year old has proven to be quite an efficient winger in the past few seasons, obviously culminating with the 70 points he recorded this season.

Among all players from the 2014 draft class, he ranks first in career goals (56) and second in total points (116), trailing Edmonton’s Leon Draisaitl by only nine while appearing in 18 fewer games. Draisiatl is also due for a contract extension at some point this season. I expect Draisaitl to be signed prior to Pastrnak, so expect Leo’s contract to be used as a template for the Bruins down the line.



Pastrnak’s career totals have been dramatically boosted by the 34 goals (tied for sixth among all players) and 36 assists he’s recorded this season, which have him among the top 20 point producers in the NHL.

According to the Score:

Vladimir Tarasenko Blues 8 $60M $7.5M
Johnny Gaudreau Flames 6 $40.5M $6.75M
Sean Monahan Flames 7 $44.625M $6.375M
Nathan MacKinnon Avalanche 7 $44.1M $6.3M
Mark Scheifele Jets 8 $49M $6.125M
Filip Forsberg Predators 6 $36M $6M
Brandon Saad Blue Jackets 6 $36M $6M

Of that group, only Tarasenko and Scheifele have put up more points than Pastrnak this season.

The Bruins know they need to keep him for at least the next 6 years, with 7 being the amount length I predict. I think 7 Million per year is reasonable salary for the Bruins and the young forward to stomach. The Bruins have huge talent coming up the pipeline in their young D core, and building support around Marchand, and Bergeron only makes sense.

You have to remember that this season the Bruins have Backes signed for 6 Million, Marchand, Bergeron and Krejci for 6.1 6.8 and 7.2 million respectively. With a modern contract, the potential point production and the going rate for a skilled young winger, 7 years at a  49 Million cap hit is a reasonable salary to pay. A bridge deal is not necessary for a player like him. The bridge allows both parties to be speculative about the talents of the player, while still compensating fairly. This contract is a lock to pay off for the Bruins in the long run, and they should capitalize on the years while they can. Their forward depth, skill and average age is only padded with Pastrnak in the lineup.

Keep in mind, by the end of this contract he’ll be 28 and a UFA in the league. This contract is not unreasonable by any means and does not pigeonhole the Bruins for a speculative forward.  Expect Pastrnak to receive north of 6.5 Million, for 6 to 7 years.


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