5 Superstars Peter Chiarelli Wasn’t Afraid to Trade.

I’m going to preface this article with the notion that I think Peter Chiarelli is a real smart GM. It may be coincidence or simply his style of management that has shipped all these elite players out of both Boston and Edmonton. The guy is up for GM of the year alongside David Poile and Pierre Dorion, so obviously he is doing something right.

The 50-year-old Harvard graduate worked as a player agent prior to joining the Ottawa Senators in a front office role in 1999. He worked his way up the organization – becoming the team’s assistant general manager – before he was hired as the general manager of the the Bruins in 2006.

Almost immediately, Chiarelli helped transform the Original Six franchise into a contender. Under his watch, the Bruins made the playoffs every season from 2007 to 2014 and won the Stanley Cup in 2010-11.

Here’s 5 current superstars that didn’t make the cut in Peter Chiarelli’s Bruins and Oilers.


Phil Kessel – God do I ever love Phil the Thrill. Due to the Cap space being limited they couldn’t sign Phil after his entry level contract had been burned through. Kessel allegedly did not want to sign in Boston and was making negotiations difficult. This is still subject to debate among fans. Chiarelli was fairly limited in his options and used the picks for guys who have panned out, and are still the subject of an ongoing debate. But they are great players on other teams now. Heres the breakdown of the two first round picks and a second that Chiarelli recieved for Kessel.

The deal was a controversial one from a Toronto standpoint because everybody knew the 2009-10 Maple Leafs, even with Kessel, were going to be a bad hockey team. By trading their 2010 first-round pick there was a very real chance it was going to be a top-five selection. And to the surprise of no one, it was. It turned out to be the No. 2 overall pick which the Bruins used to select Tyler Seguin. The second-round pick was used to select defenseman Jared Knight. He never played a game for the Bruins before he was traded a year ago to the Minnesota Wild for Zack Phillips.  The 2011 first-round pick proved to be another top-10 selection which the Bruins used to pick defenseman Dougie Hamilton. As we all all know, in the long run this trade never really worked out for either teams, as Hamilton has signed in Calgary, and Seguin has reignited his career in Dallas. Some prospects Boston have acquired have paid their dividends, mainly on their young blue line.


Taylor Hall –

A rare one for one trade, which seemingly worked out for both teams so far. A single season is not a long enough sample size to determine the winners and losers of a trade, but both teams have received what they needed in terms of a true ‘Hockey Trade’. But Taylor Hall went first overall in 2010, and Seguin went 2nd. Tyler Seguin, was passed on by the Edmonton franchise, which Chiarelli would eventually take over. He has controlled the fates of both picks in that draft and shipped them off. Adam Larsson was an excellent player for the Oilers, who did not lack scoring with the explosion of Leon and McDavid. Ironically many people are stating that New Jersey needs a cost effective reliable D man to truly become a complete team. Hint, that was Adam Larsson.

Seguin and Taylor Hall could have a Peter Chiarelli therapy session together.

170396754.jpgTyler Seguin

This was a trade Chiarelli would probably like to have back.  Seguin was coming off a rough playoff performance — one goal in 22 games — and his behaviour off the ice was concerning the organization. But it was clear from the get-go that the Bruins gave up on Seguin too early. They did not receive enough compensation from the Dallas Stars — acquiring Loui Eriksson, Reilly Smith, Joe Morrow and Matt Fraser — in return for a potential superstar. Seguin immediately flourished in Dallas, developing into the quality scorer the Bruins lacked, prior to the emergence of Marchand as both a chippy player and an excellent scorer. I really wish Marchand had hit 40 goals this year, guy is a beaut. The move set the franchise back as they ended up missing the playoffs in 2015. Considering they traded Phil Kessel for the pick, and subsequently really receiving Loui Eriksson out of the whole mess, this one didn’t look great on the resume.

The Bruins went 386-233-85 after Chiarelli was hired in the summer of 2006. Chiarelli’s tenure included the Stanley Cup championship in 2011, a trip to the Stanley Cup Final in 2013 and a Presidents’ Trophy for the 2013-14 season, so the move was quite surprising. Either way, the emergence of Seguin in Dallas didn’t help.

Here are his stats

2010-2011 BOS 74 11 11 22 -4 18 1
2011-2012 BOS 81 29 38 67 34 30 5
2012-2013 BOS 48 16 16 32 23 16 4
2013-2014 DAL 80 37 47 84 16 18 11
2014-2015 DAL 71 37 40 77 -1 20 13
2015-2016 DAL 72 33 40 73 2 16 7
2016-2017 DAL 82 26 46 72 -15 22 11
Career 508 189 238 427 55 140 52

Obviously a huge turnaround in points, but Seguin clearly needed to mature as a player. Those numbers might not be possible in Boston as he would have less of a role than he would have liked. With Jamie Benn as his partner on the PP, he has grown into a great NHL player.


Blake Wheeler

In order to free up cap space in the 2011 season, Peter Chiarelli had to ship out Mark Stuart and Blake Wheeler to Atlanta.

Wheeler was 24 at the time of the trade and has subsequently blossomed into an all star caliber player. I don’t particularly hate this trade, they ended up winning the cup in Boston that season after bringing in Tomas Kaberle. They didn’t really give up in Wheeler, but he truly has used his sized and skill to become one of the best right wingers in the league.

2008-2009 BOS 81 21 24 45 36 46 3 5 2 3 3
2009-2010 BOS 82 18 20 38 -4 53 3 8 1 2 2
2010-2011 BOS 58 11 16 27 8 32 0 2 0 0 2
2010-2011 ATL 23 7 10 17 2 14 0 3 0 0 0
2011-2012 WPG 80 17 47 64 3 55 6 15 0 0 3
2012-2013 WPG 48 19 22 41 -3 28 2 7 0 0 2
2013-2014 WPG 82 28 41 69 4 63 8 19 0 0 4
2014-2015 WPG 79 26 35 61 26 73 2 12 4 5 6
2015-2016 WPG 82 26 52 78 8 49 3 17 2 4 5
2016-2017 WPG 82 26 48 74 6 47 5 21 2 3 4
Career 697 199 315 514 86 460 32 109 11 17 31


Johnny Boychuk

Probably the least skilled player on this list, but still a big name defenseman that Chiarelli really got few returns on several years down the road. He traded Johnny Boychuk to the New York Islanders for the Philadelphia Flyers‘ second-round pick in the 2015 NHL Draft (previously acquired by the Islanders), the Islanders’ 2016 second-round pick and a conditional third-round pick in 2015 that Boston will receive if the Islanders trade Boychuk to another Eastern Conference team this season. These picks would develop into Brandon Carlo and Ryan Lindgren. Both are budding stars, so they could both pan out for the Bruins. Carlo played amazing this season as Chara’s partner, and if his development continues he will be an excellent 2nd pairing D, or even a option to be a top pair. Time will tell.

After being traded to the New York Islanders, Boychuk showed an ability to score more (nine goals in each of his first two seasons with the Isles) as well as produce points more consistently with 35 and 25 points respectively. The increase in points in his last year in Boston and his first two years in New York can be directly attributed to his top-pairing role as opposed to his second-pairing role, and his power play time in New York also helps.

The subsequent year, the bruins did not make the playoffs and truly stuggled on the defensive end. They really lacked defensive presence and have only started to recover in young guns like Brandon Carlo, Torey Krug and Charlie Mcavoy


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  1. Good article, one small criticism: I wouldn’t say the B’s got “nothing” for Boychuck. They used the 2 picks they got in the trade to draft Carlo and Ryan Lindgren. Both players look great in terms of their development trajectories so far.


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