Potential Landing Spots for Kovalchuk

Kovalchuk tallied 417 goals and 816 points in 816 games in total in the NHL, and more importantly he is finally returning to the NHL. As of now, New Jersey owns his rights if he decides to return, and the league has to unanimously agree if he signs elsewhere. So as of now, the most likely outcomes are signing and trading him or simply signing him.

He had huge value while he was still in the NHL in his 20’s. Now he’s a few years older and has been playing in a less competitive league than the NHL. He helped St. Petersburg the team win the 2014–15 Gagarin Cup for the first time. He was chosen as the MVP of 2015 Gagarin Cup playoffs. He won a second Gagarin Cup, again with SKA Saint Petersburg, in 2016–17. That’s their Stanley cup, so he’s definitely making an impact.

Keep in mind he is several years older, and probably heavier and the game is continuing to change. Speed is key, but his combined size and shot separate Kovalchuk from the pack.

Here are his stats below.

Year in the KHL Games Goals Assists Points PIMS
2013-14 45 16 24 40 38
2014-15 54 25 30 55 69
2015-16 50 16 33 49 24
2016-17 60 32 46 78 47
Total 214 89 133 222 178

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