Top 5 Fantasy Hockey Goalies in 2018

  • 1 – Cam Talbot. Yep you heard right. The man played 73 games last season bearing the largest workload in the league by a large margin. Edmonton will be a perennial playoff team with Mcdavid as their captain, and building around his scoring prowess. Leon Draisaitl will also continue to have big years as the German has exploded offensively, much to the delight of Oiler fans. If Edmonton can build around a D Core that looks shaky on paper, they have the potential to place high in the West, with Talbot earning 40+ wins. Mcdavid will earn any goaltender a few wins, but the talents Talbot displayed this season guarantee his spot as a number one goaltender in Fantasy Hockey.
  • 2 – Braden Holtby.  While the Capitals are notorious playoff chokers, they are back to back Presidents Trophy winners, absolutely dominating the league in the regular season. While being in arguably the toughest division with the Rangers, Blue Jackets, and Penguins, the Capitals will continue to have playoff bound seasons. Oshie, Kuzy, Winnik, Orlov, and Shattenkirk (Shat Daddy) will need contracts by July first and it doesn’t seem likely the same team will be returning next season. Ovie is one year older, but god is he ever a warrior. He will rip 35+ goals next year and ideally 35+ points as well.  This makes Holtby a lock for the number two goaltender to draft. With Phillip Grubauer likely headed to Vegas in the expansion draft he will have little competition in the crease, potentially increasing his workload. He played in 63 games last season and hasn’t been known to catch the injury bug. Lock him in as a strong second overall goaltender. Fun fact, the last 8 years the caps have the best cumulative regular season record. No Cups though.
  • 3 – Carey Price. No list is complete without this gold medal winning, Vezina, Hart and pretty much just all around good guy who seemingly can’t catch a break in French Canada. Losing to the Rangers in 6 made people boo him and demand Price’s trade. No thanks bud. A team that can’t score, ranking 15th in scoring, and 18th in shots per game has no business trading arguably the best goalie in the game. I really don’t need to explain that if he had a better team in front of him, Price would be a lock for 40+ wins every season.  With 37 last season, a small bump to 40 wins would solidify his spot for number three on this list.
  • 4 – Sergei Bobrovsky. Bobrovsky you’re a loose cannon, but you’re on the case Bobrosvsky. The Russian netminder possessed the highest save percentage in the league among genuinely active goalies sitting at .931. Very respectable numbers. I believe Columbus will continue to have a strong season in the Met, with the Caps and Rangers losing steam, the Blue Jackets will reap the benefits of a complete, young, physical team. Torts will rally next season finishing way ahead of the Rangers and this may bite me in the ass, the Capitals. Not by much but it’ll happen. They may also lose Joonas Korpisalo in the expansion draft, therefore increasing that workload. This is a common trend in the great teams as they often have solid offences
  • 5 – Tuuka Rask. The mad Fin was as stellar as ever in 2017 recording 37 Wins and eight shutouts. Good enough to be the fifth goaltender drafted next year in Fantasy? We’ll see. This one is subject to change with Martin Jones, John Gibson and Freddie Anderson (crazy pick oh yeah). But god do I ever love Boston’s team. Charlie Mcavoy played in just a playoff series, but holy does he have the potential to be a great puck moving defenceman. He reminded me quite a bit of Colombus’ Werenski, filling in for a skeleton Boston D core. Bergeron apparently was playing injured for the majority of the year, and Marchand will continue his chippy reign of terror. I truly hope he scores 40. I don’t see it, but I hope so.  Rask will win 40+ in a bounce back year. You heard it here first.

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