Using your body weight is an excellent identifier of strength and relative gains in proportion to your body. For many people in the bulk-cut cycle, there are dangers of losing weight but also eliminating strength. That being said there is the unfortunate trade-off with gaining weight but not gaining proportional strength. I have been using […]

The Vegas odds makers have not given a hometown favourite to their new Golden Knights. As of now, If you plan on betting for any of these teams there’s a fairly high payout on anyone but Pittsburgh. Some surprise rankings, Tampa Bay, Nashville and Dallas. In terms of Fantasy Hockey usage, goalies of these teams […]

The ever rising cost of living is reaching a height beyond what some market analysts had predicted. A true tragedy of this result is the rising cost of staple foods, and healthy alternatives. Some have noted the price of everyday nuts has skyrocketed in the previous decade, with no stagnation occurring. Costing over $10 per […] […]

Managing oneself: Peter S Drucker His work emphasizes adding to your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses. This does not say that you should ignore your weaknesses. But understand them and find ways to minimize how your weaknesses impede performance. In this entry I will break up his sub-chapters and demonstrate the importance of knowing where […]

First off I want to start my review under the caveat that I love this book. I will not be impartial, it’s just fantastic. Not only am I a huge fan of Entourage, which this historic character is based off of, I happen to have Jeremy Piven’s voice burned into my subconscious. This adds to […] […]

Larry Brooks of the New York Post reports the Rangers are expected to try to trade the defenceman in order to add another centre to their roster. With Mika Zibanejad signing a five-year, $26.75 million contract on Tuesday, the Rangers are left with under $500,000 in projected cap space for the start of the season,  and trading […]

Classic case of an older Russian player returning to the KHL. After not receiving his inflated offer of 12 million over 2 seasons, Andrei Markov will not return to Montreal or the NHL. He spent five seasons from 1995-2000 playing in Russia, first with the Voskresensk Khimik and later with the Moscow Dynamo before joining the […]